RYO NISHIKIDO LIVE TOUR 2024 "NOMADOFNOWHERE" Regular Member 2nd Application Start!

From 18:00 on Friday, December 1st, the 2nd application for NFC regular members for RYO NISHIKIDO LIVE TOUR 2024 "NOMADOFNOWHERE" tickets will begin!



*Please note that the venue and start time may be subject to change.



■ NFC Regular Member 2nd Application ■

Application Period: From 18:00 on December 1st (Fri) to 23:59 on December 4th (Mon)

■ Lawson Ticket Exclusive Application Page ■

Please proceed from the following link:


You can apply for tickets from the NFC member-exclusive news.

If you are considering joining for the first time, please take this opportunity to join the official fan club "NFC."

New memberships during the application period are also eligible for application.

Please be sure to check this page, infection prevention measures, and the content of the Lawson Ticket exclusive application page before applying.

*Please note that fan club support staff cannot answer inquiries about applications and performances. Please contact the designated contact listed on this page.


■ Price

All seats reserved: ¥8,800 (tax included)

■ Ticket Payment Method

Credit card payment

*Please be careful not to enter incorrect card information.

*Additional fees may apply.

■ Notes

Please be sure that both the representative and accompanying individuals understand and agree to the instructions and information on the official site before applying for tickets and attending.

*Not allowed for children under 3 years old (admission fee required for 3 years and older)

*Limit per member: Up to 2 tickets

*Ticket issuance method: Paper tickets or electronic tickets (Lawson Ticket)


■ Application Qualifications

Those who meet the following conditions are eligible:

  1. As of 23:59 on December 4, 2023 (Mon), those who are "NFC regular members"

*Those who plan to join should join by 23:59 on December 4, 2023 (Mon) (completion of payment is required).

  1. Those who bring the "valid identification documents" specified by the organizer and can be authenticated

■ Application Information

  • Lawson WEB membership registration (free) is required for application.

  • If the information registered with NFC does not match the Lawson WEB membership registration information, the application may be invalid or rejected, so please understand in advance.

  • In case of input errors or information omissions by members, causing problems with applications or identity verification, the fan club, concert organizer, and ticket issuing agency cannot be held responsible.

In addition, we will refrain from answering any inquiries regarding the lottery.





Lawson Ticket Information



Please understand and agree to the following notes and instructions before applying for tickets and attending, both the representative and accompanying individuals.

We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all customers.

  • Refunds for tickets will not be issued unless the performance is postponed or canceled.

  • This performance is reserved seating only.

  • With the abolition of the government's "Basic Policies for Novel Coronavirus Infection Control" on May 8, 2023, the "Guidelines for Novel Coronavirus Infection Prevention Measures at Music Concerts" will also be abolished.

In response to this, the wearing of masks will be at the individual discretion of customers. There are no restrictions on cheering during the performance.

  • Please follow the instructions of the staff inside the venue.

  • Re-entry after admission is not allowed.

  • Please refrain from waiting for performers to enter or exit.

*During admission, personal identification may be required. Please be sure to bring a "valid identification document."

If identification cannot be confirmed, entry will be denied, and ticket refunds will not be possible.

*Digital membership cards may need to be presented, so please be sure to bring them.

List of valid identification documents

● Valid with only one item

  • All must be original with a photo and not copies or expired.

[1] Passport

[2] Driver's license (limited to Class 1 and Class 2)

[3] Basic Resident Register Card

[4] Special Permanent Resident Certificate or Residence Card

[5] Disability Certificate, Mental Health and Welfare Certificate, Rearing Certificate

[6] Credit card with a photo

[7] My Number Card (notification card not accepted)

[8] Student ID with a photo

● Two items required

  • All must be original, not copies or expired.
  • Health insurance card

  • Copy of the resident register

  • My Number card without a photo (notification card)

  • Please purchase tickets through the official sales channels.

Official sales channels refer to "NFC Premium Member Sales," "NFC Member Sales," "ePlus," "Lawson Ticket," "Pia," and play guides commissioned for sales by local promoters.

Using services or apps on the internet other than those mentioned above (auction sites, ticket distribution centers, ticket streets, Mercari, etc.), ticket shops, scalpers, SNS, etc., to sell tickets purchased to the general public, whether for profit or not, will be considered "resale activities."

Tickets found to be involved in resale activities will be invalidated regardless of whether they were auctioned or purchased and regardless of the amount.

Please note that we cannot provide information beyond what is currently publicly available, even if you inquire at various locations.